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    problem with PHP 5.4 in getting reliable date conversion

    I have recently moved to a new managed server running PHP 5.4

    This is giving me inconsistent date conversion when applied to a Date field value in the mysql table.

    I had been using this formula before in PHP 5.3 and had no problems


    $values["DateField"] is pulled from the field "DateField" in the table where dates are in this format -- 2014-04-17 the field type is DATE

    the conversion that is supposed to happen is to: 17-04-2014

    But I am finding intermittent cases where the field reads a date value in July such as -- 2014-07-25

    But the php Email script where date("d-m-Y",strtotime($values["DateField"])) is used to convert that date to -- 25-07-2014

    comes back with the value 25-05-2014 ----- the DAY is correct, the Year is correct but the MONTH is May, the current month

    I see that the official PHP forum changelog shows bugs for date time functions that are being reported

    Has someone here had experience with PHP 5.4 specifically regarding doing such a string conversion correctly?

    I have tried such things as -- new DateTime($values["TimeField"]))->format('d/m/Y');

    But that fails because it totally injects TODAY's date no matter what $values["TimeField"] may be from the database table.

    Has a genius here a working formula?

    Thank you.

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    PHP Code:
    $values['dateField'] = '2014-04-17';

    $myDate = new DateTime($values['dateField']);

    $output $myDate->format('d-m-Y');

    Since this isn't the standard date format (0000-00-00 00:00:00) in MySQL, you'll have to change that also to reflect the correct format. Otherwise you'll be getting unexpected results.
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    Yes I've had glitches with dates in php between versions, can't remember exactly what but I had to rewrite a fair few bits of code. I've never liked the mysql datetime thing to be honest and always store my times/dates as interger timestamps instead.
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    Thanks for your quick responses, guys! Much appreciated.


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