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    How to grant permissions to a Facebook App to publish on a page via PHP SDK?

    I have created an FB App, and I have created a page that I would like the App to be able to post to.

    Now, in my humble opinion, the Facebook PHP SDK is not great and the documentation is painfully awful. You are left just stabbing in the dark and going round in circles. It's taken me hours of painful failures just to get an access token for the App purely programatically!! (i.e. without requiring user login).

    The painfully frustrating thing is that it is actually really excruciatingly painfully easy to do, just a few lines of code, but it is not really well documented anywhere.

    Now, when I try to post to the page using the App, I get the error, "The user hasn't authorized the application to perform this action".

    "Fair enough", I think, "It's probably just a setting that I have to change on FB to grant the App permissions. Probably just a button that you click somewhere, or a radio button that you toggle, something really nice and simple like that".

    Now, I have been clicking through my FB account every which way I know how, until my eyeballs are spinning in their sockets, and I will be damned to hell and back if I can find where to perform the painfully simple action of permitting my App to post to my facebook page.

    Any ideas?? Do I have to do this through the SDK, or is there some setting that I am just repeatedly failing to see somewhere on the complex myriad of settings pages under my FB account?

    P.S. I now hate facebook ...

    By comparison, posting to Twitter using their PHP SDK is an absolute breeze!
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