I wonder if someone could help me bring back an outdated (i think) plugin for wordpress that shows summoners stats and all by using shortcodes to easily insert it into any post or page.
Long story short the plugin uses legendaryapi.com to retrieve info about the summoner which for some reason stopped to work. I think the switch from legendaryapi to mashape caused it to stop working.
Can someone take the plugin .php file and edit it to point it to the mashape api so it starts working again as i really need this for my website.
It might be just as simple as changing the links, but as i am merely a beginner at code and API, im afraid to mess it up. I would be really grateful and will give credit to whoever fixes it (i know its not much :S).
You can basically add your name to the readme and .php file.

File links:
.rar file with all .php and images: http://iiseptum.co.uk/wp-content/upl...shortcodes.rar
Original plugin website: WordPress › League of Legends Shortcodes « WordPress Plugins
The actual API website: https://www.mashape.com/timtastic/league-of-legends-3

Thanks for your help!