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    Other Web Editors

    I have a custom module or whatever you want to call it on my website, problem is its not working as well as I thought it would.
    Attached is a picture of what is called a "Pro-Display" on my website. It allows people that signup to create and edit their listing/webpage (920x1800) however they want.
    Currently I am using Niced as my editor at the top.
    How it works:
    Select a cell below the editor and that will then unlock the editor where you can then enter text/pics in the editor field.
    Once you click save, the text/ images will then go to the cell/box you selected (which is marked by having a red outline)

    Problems with the editor Im using currently-
    Cannot add extra spaces, a ? in a diamond box replaces the extra spaces.
    Im unable to resize an image uploaded on chrome. Firefox works just fine.
    Copying and pasting text/picts make the editor glitch.

    What would you recommend I use? Which editor would be best?

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