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    mysql_* versus mysqli_*

    I am new to web programming and I have a little problem I do not understand. I have a drop down selection which works fine when using mysql_* but as soon as I replace the mysql_* with mysqli_* it does not work it only populates the selection box with ‘select country’ but nothing comes up. I know my connect and select database part work because I do not go into the ‘or die’ option. Here is my codeing with mysql_* which work but will not work if changed to mysqli_*
    $intIdField = 'code';
    $strNameField = 'name';
    $strTableName = 'country';
    $strNameOrdinal = 'name';
    $strMaskName = 'select country';
    $strOrderField = 'name';
    echo "<select name=\"$strNameOrdinal\">\n";
    echo "<option value=\"NULL\">".$strMaskName."</option>\n";
    $strQuery = "select $intIdField, $strNameField
    from $strTableName
    order by $strOrderField $strMethod";
    if (!$strQuery) {
    die("query failed:" . mysql_error());
    mysql_query ("set character_set_results='utf8'");
    $rsrcResult = mysql_query($strQuery);
    while($arrayRow = mysql_fetch_assoc($rsrcResult)) {
    echo $row["name"];
    echo $row["code"];
    $strA = $arrayRow["$intIdField"];
    $strB = $arrayRow["$strNameField"];
    echo "<option value=\"$strA\">$strB</option>\n";
    echo "</select>";

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    mysql_ functions are deprecated and insecure and will be removed in future revisions of PHP.

    The mysqli_ functions are more up to date and are used a bit differently than the old functions. Look in this to learn how to use them: 'MySQLi' for Beginners - Codular


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