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    Question Help Welcomed! Notification for newly submitted forms?


    I am here hoping for some advice/knowledge to help me get where im going lol.

    Essentially im building a website that is going to have an Application Form, What I am wanting is once this application form is submitted, is for a notification to appear in a stationary bar but to alert an Admin that a new form was submitted. Im guessing a cron job would be needed to check the MySQL DB for any forms that are submitted that haven't been viewed but im not sure.

    The bar im wanting would be similar to this

    But would have a Symbol over one of the icons indicating a new Form was just submitted, or not have one if no new applications.

    I am sure this is super easy but I am running into dead ends when I think about how it works.

    as of now I have not built the form, but that will be done within 48 hours, I am just trying to plan ahead and see what I am needing for this task.


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    Is that stationary bar on the bottom of some web page, or is it something that you plan on running using Windows?

    If this is on the bottom of a web page that the admin person is logged-into, then it would be JQuery (javascripting). The admin person would always need to keep the page opened to see the notification. Once they went to some other website, they would no longer see the notifications.

    If this is some .exe program running on Windows, that's a whole different thing.

    Everyone has a cell phone ... I guess that I would use SMS (text message) if it were me. That won't be free though, if you have a lot of notifications.
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