I'm a barely capable web designer with only one site under my belt (just launched): (www.Anderson Humane Society -- Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The Humane Society does an annual calendar contest: submit your pet's photo(s) for $5 each, then vote on photos at $1/vote.

We've used a service in the past which took a large cut out of our proceeds, and I'd like to design the submission and voting pages myself to save the bucks, but have never done anything approaching that level of complexity. We have a database in place (installed for phpBB) and a PayPal account for donations--that much is done.

2 questions:
Does anyone know of existing code that would be helpful for this project?
Given that I've stretched in order to do the existing site (please have a look), is this something that I'd likely be able to pull together in the next 3-4 months? Obviously I need to answer this question for myself, but anyone's gut feelings about it would be a big help.