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    html/php probably really simple

    I'm doing an assignment for a class where I need to link a php file to an html.
    Basically all I have to do is demonstrate a php function and write up a paragraph about it.
    Simple, except I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to php.
    I decided to try to use this function:

    function jdmonthname2($julianday, $calendar, $abbrev = false) {
    if($calendar == CAL_GREGORIAN && $abbrev) $mode = 0;
    elseif($calendar == CAL_GREGORIAN && !$abbrev) $mode = 1;
    elseif($calendar == CAL_JULIAN && $abbrev) $mode = 2;
    elseif($calendar == CAL_JULIAN && !$abbrev) $mode = 3;
    elseif($calendar == CAL_JEWISH) $mode = 4;
    elseif($calendar == CAL_FRENCH) $mode = 5;
    else $mode = 10;

    return jdmonthname($julianday, $mode);

    but I'm not sure how to activate it/link it to the html or anything. In addition to that I can't even view it in the browser to check if it's working.

    If anyone can help I'd appreciate it!

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    What kind of assignment is this where you are supposed to work with PHP when you don’t know anything about it?

    PHP is a server-side application, so you need a server in order to execute it and show the results in a browser, you can’t just open PHP files from the filesystem. And to display the result of a PHP operation you’d usually use echo().


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