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    Create variable value from database column where another column equals...

    I am sure this should be straight forward but I can't do it!!

    I have a database with a number of columns.
    One column is called ID and another column is called UN.
    I want to create an array of all the UN's with the value being the value of the ID column.

    ID UN
    1 8043
    2 8011
    3 8044
    4 8065

    I want to create something along the lines of
    $array['8043'] //value should be 1
    $array['8011'] // value should be 2

    This is what I am trying:
    $query = "SELECT id,un FROM tablename "; 
    $result = mysql_query($query); 
    $data_array = array();
    while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
        $data_array[$row['un']] = $row['id'];
    print $data_array[$row['8043']];
    print $row['8043'];
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    Problem became obvious when I looked again so no need for any advise.


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    Yep, just a little too much info on the dereference, the $row['8043'] doesn't exist by itself rather just the 8043.
    Note though that the key => value order doesn't typically matter so long as both are unique. If both are unique, the pair can be swapped at any time (see array_flip), or you can search for keys using array_search. I personally like using the associative index, but I will only do so when its logical that the collection is a hash type. Numerically, I wouldn't swap them since I'd treat it as a flat array. That may just be me though :P
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