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    Metadata missing the Primary Key

    Hello everyone,

    Not sure if this should be posted in PHP or MySQL but here it is.

    I have a working DB and PHP program that has a very minor snafu. This code is designed to get the maximum field lengths from metadata and does just that.... except that the primary key field (first field in table) is omitted and I have no idea why.

    My code is broken up into subroutines so it's difficult to put it in a single coherent piece, so here are a few snippets. If you need more, let me know.

            echo "<b>fieldList: </b>";var_dump($fieldList);echo "<br /><br />";
    function getFields(&$mysqli,&$stmt)
    	$fieldList = array();
    	$meta = $stmt->result_metadata();  
        while ( $field = $meta->fetch_field() ) 
      		$fieldList[] = $field->name;   
    	return $fieldList;
    -- Displays all fields

    while ( $field = $meta->fetch_field() )
    		echo "<b>MetaData Fields:</b> <pre>"; print_r($field);echo "</pre>";   
    -- Displays all fields except the primary key field.
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    How are you going abouts swapping these to test them? We need to see that. The signature you have here for the method doesn't match the call, is this the same method? Otherwise, the $fieldCount has no use since there is no call to a func_get_arg[s] method. The code used to create the statements including the SQL would help as well.

    Also, don't pass the connection or statement by reference either in the method signature nor in the call (do not do this at all; call time pass-by-reference is long deprecated). In PHP 5.0+ the objects are by default passed by an object pointer so the changes will already reflect the core object. The only gain by using a reference would be in regards to destruction.
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