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    Recurring problems with Tables

    In my Wonderful Site, "beautiful-music.org" there are 2 problems which have me beat!

    And worse, they didn't used to be problems!

    It has to do with opening a <table>, easy enough, but when it's "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}', expecting ',' or ';' in /home/beaurn3f/public_html/Music/Music.php on line 30", and I can't see anything wrong, then what?

    But then, I turned 73 this year. What right do I have to have a Site?

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    Welcome to the site. Age makes no difference to programming!

    The key here is that has nothing to do with tables. This is an issue with your PHP. You have modified it, inadvertently or not, and that's causing your site to fail. To help diagnose, we need to see at least what is above/below line 73 (so lets say, 71-75), and to be safer, the entire block that line 73 is part of.

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    If nothing is wrong on line 73 the problem is most probably on line 72. If you still can't find the error (looks like you end the table block too soon) then please post the code for the table.
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    Identifying the line isn't as easy as just looking at the error. The error will define where it detects a problem has arisen. More often than not you're looking at an if branch which has an instruction that is missing the terminating semi-colon on it, but I've seen a missing brace go through near 2K lines of code before it finally fails on the last instruction (the error line matching the last line of code is the worst). This error you see alone can be caused by simply having the incorrect syntax.
    Post the code for where you added the <table> tag, as well as +/- about 10 lines around it or the entire branch if you can. That'd be the best place to start.
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