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Thread: Pls help ASAP

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    Pls help ASAP

    Mam /sir muje yh problem aa rhi hai ki mai jab database se table mai data retrive kar rhi hun in the form of links toh vo sab links mai 1 he address le raha hai inspite of giving different in different rows, i want ki 1 he column ki diffrent row mai different link aaye.But aisa ho nhin raha hai.consider the column uniport id. and Pdb id.And mam 1 cheez aur ki pdb_id k case mai har id mai b diffrent link dena hai in same column.
    Mam/sir if u can help me i will b very thankful to u.

    Below is the code i m using for fetching and displaying data

    while($row= mysql_fetch_array($result))
    echo "<tr>";
    echo "<td>" . $row['Protein_name'] . "</td>";
    echo "\n";
    echo "<td>" . $row['Intro'] . "</td>" ;
    //echo "<td>" . $row['Pdb_id'] . "</td>";
    echo "<td> <a href='medchem.php?Pdb_id='" . $row['Pdb_id'] .
    "' >" . $row['Pdb_id'] . "</a> </td>";

    echo "<td>" . $row['source'] . "</td>";
    echo "<td> <a href=http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/results/results.do?qrid=BB3D5EEE&tabtoshow=Current?uniport_id='" . $row['uniport_id'] .
    "' >" . $row['uniport_id'] . "<a/> </td>";

    "<td> <a href=http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/results/results.do?qrid=EAD8BCF&tabtoshow=Current?uniport_id='" . $row['uniport_id'] .
    "' >" . $row['uniport_id'] . "<a/> </td>";

    echo "<td>" . $row['domain_pfam'] .
    echo "<td>" . $row['activity'] . "</td>";

    echo "</tr>";

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    Perhaps you could rewrite that in 100% english instead of switching between languages?

    You must realise that this is an english website. Therefore it will attract english speaking people and most of them will not understand your language. If you want to describe your problem in your language then perhaps you should use a programming forum in your language.
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    So seriously, loosen up that tie, let out the belt, and try relating to normal people on the street instead of the gentleman's club crowd.


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