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    Create Open File Dialog box for server files

    I'd like to create an Open File Dialog Box. In programs such as Word, or Excel, when you choose "open", you are given a box where you can browse through your files and choose a file or files to open.

    My application is web-based. I'd like a user to press an "open" button in a webpage (html/javascript) that will call a php script that will generate a box where they can select a file or files from their folder located ON THE SERVER. The file or files they selected will then be used by php to generate a new web page.

    For example, a user has a folder located on the server called username/images
    I'd like them to be able to select some images from this folder, have php build an html web page that displays these images. Is there some existing dialog box I can use, or do I have to write my own? Thanks!

    ***Edit: I've figured out I can do this with a <select> input set to multiple. However, this only gives me one column of filenames. I'd like it to look more like the Open File dialog box used in many programs such as Excel or Word.
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