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    Lightbulb Populating secondary list from primary list

    I want to present my users with a list of 200 items.
    From that list, they pick 10 items.
    The item selected shows up in the secondary list.
    Which then creates their items into an array for a playlist.

    What's a good way of doing this?

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    Two ways come to mind. First, a couple of hundred check boxes. But a better way might be using a drop down menu to choose an item, then an 'Add this Item' button to add it to the playlist. You could add the item to a javascript array, when the array count reached 10 a notice would be given, you could make the array the value of a hidden input and submit it in a form, then make the playlist with php.
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    I like this method:
    Code is there. You can pick a random bunch of items and move em back and forth.
    I think you will need to code the 10 limit into it and assign items to an array, but this is a good start.

    But Suwannee_guy, anytime you are changing the HTML your looking at its done by javascript not php.
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