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    Data validation, reCaptcha, redirects

    I am designing a simple contact page on my website in php/html. The form has a reCaptcha spam, filter associated with it. My form posts to a separate PHP which checks to see if the Captcha was correct and then send an email of the message to me. However, if the user inputs the wrong Captcha or some other error occurs, a message is printed to the screen. How can I make the script return the contact page, put all the values the user inputted before submission back into the form, and tell the use that the Captcha they entered was incorrect or that they forgot to enter some value? Basically, I want something that looks better than a blank page that the user then has to leave and retype their entire message.

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    That takes quite a bit of coding, both in php and/or javascript, to do. When the values are submitted they have to be put into a $_SESSION variable, most easily as an array, then when the page reloads, the values either have to echoed back into the form elements or echoed into javascript which can insert them back into the form elements. You need to use conditionals, i.e. if(isset($_SESSION['vars'])) to prevent errors.
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