We have a small Wordpress based site and we're using the WP E-commerce plugin to sell digital downloads. Everything is working, except the PayPal IPN function so when the customer pays he never receives the download e-mail until we change the transaction's status manually. It's not an option here because it's a digital download store so we have to fix the IPN somehow. My PHP knowledge is almost zero, so i'm here to ask some help from you guys.

Store URL: http://brainwaveentrainment.eu
WordPress version: 3.6.1
WP e-Commerce version:
Theme: Xyloto by Storefrontthemes

I did this: Enabled IPN in Paypal with the store URL (http://brainwaveentrainment.eu) Enabled IPN in the PayPal Standard module. Send shipping details: No, Allow owerride: No. Currently i'm testing with a Sandbox account but it's not working with a live account either. I set up paypal to accept payments automatically also.

I expected WP e-Commerce to do this: Modify the "Incomplete sale" status to "Accepted payment"

Instead it did this: It's not changing the orders' status.

It's pretty annoying. I tried everything, changed every setting, currency, IPN URL, etc but nothing helps. We want to start the store but we can't until it's not working. We purchased this theme and it's only working with this shopping cart so i can't just simply switch to a different e-commerce plugin.

One IPN log from paypal:

Notification URL
HTTP response code
What's this?
Delivery status
No. of retries
Transaction ID
IPN type
Transaction made

mc_gross=7.00&invoice=4151379432588&protection_eligibility=Eligible&address_status=confirmed&item_number1=531&tax=0.00&item_number2=568&payer_id=LYXHGVEQ4ASFN&address_street=1 Main St&payment_date=08:42:47 Sep 17, 2013 PDT&payment_status=Completed&charset=windows-1252&address_zip=95131&mc_shipping=0.00&mc_handling=0.00&first_name=Ferenc&mc_fee=0.50&address_country_code=US&address_name=Ferenc Szepesi's Test Store&notify_version=3.7&custom=&payer_status=verified&business=beatofficial@gmail.com&address_country=United States&num_cart_items=2&mc_handling1=0.00&mc_handling2=0.00&address_city=San Jose&verify_sign=AiPC9BjkCyDFQXbSkoZcgqH3hpacA.v.7UClmMzrTiiKgIJVSBufA1UT&payer_email=ferenc@szepesiweb.com&mc_shipping1=0.00&mc_shipping2=0.00&tax1=0.00&tax2=0.00&txn_id=7W214573HJ105310Y&payment_type=instant&payer_business_name=Ferenc Szepesi's Test Store&last_name=Szepesi&address_state=CA&item_name1=Gamma Energizer (Wind background), 45 minutes&receiver_email=beatofficial@gmail.com&item_name2=15 minutes relaxation Break (Wind chimes background)&payment_fee=0.50&quantity1=1&quantity2=1&receiver_id=5YKCMZKL6G46G&txn_type=cart&mc_gross_1=3.50&mc_currency=USD&mc_gross_2=3.50&residence_country=US&test_ipn=1&transaction_subject=&payment_gross=7.00&ipn_track_id=8542bf47e444e
So it seems everything is working fine on the PayPal's side.

I didn't gave up so i found this:

The Paypal IPN log shows this URL in my case: http://brainwaveentrainment.eu/?wpsc...aypal_standard

I tried to open this and i got this error message:
"Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\brainwaveentrainment.eu\wp-content\plugins\wp-e-commerce\wpsc-merchants\paypal-standard.merchant.php on line 400"
On line 400 i found this:

if ( 'VERIFIED' == $response['body'] ) {
I googled for the error message and i found this fix: https://getsatisfaction.com/tweet_bl...error_as_array

So i changed that line to look like this:

if ( 'VERIFIED' == $response->body ) {
Result: The error message is gone when i open that page! But... the IPN is still not working. I don't have PHP skills so i'm sure this single modification is not enough.

Maybe somebody can help me with this here.

I uploaded the "paypal-standard.merchant.php" file's content to pastebin so you can check what's wrong with it: http://pastebin.com/9Dcd75LM

Please help me if you can. I'm clueless and we really have to make this work somehow. I asked in the plugin's support forum too, but it's abandoned as a desert.