I need some help figuring out how to track the users for my windows application. The application itself is written in visual basic.

In short I want to track how valuable the users are based on the aqcuisition source.

Now more in detail:

I drive traffic to my website where the application can be downloaded. In order to track the traffic source I use google analytics. Therefore my url looks like this:


Now when the user downloads the application I will assign a unique ID to the user. Probably with this plugin for the Nsis installer (http://nsis.sourcefo...ique_Identifier)

Then after the install is complete I would loead a thank-you web page with the user ID as a parameter:


Now how can make the link between the GUID and the google analytics parameters???? Something with a cookie? Grab it with php and store into database?

Also within the application I am able to track already everything with the GUID so that I will have reports: GUID, actions taken

But I would like to add the GA parameters to this. Can anybody help me out??

Also If you know a better approach, please let me know.

Thank you!