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    Importing $_FILES into a function

    I'm trying to streamline the entire image uploading routine by putting all of the error handling, image renaming, and uploading into a separate function. I wrongly assumed that I could just have the form post to the same page, and then call the function and within the function, the $_FILES information from the upload would all be there. But it isn't.

    I'm passing variables into the function such as where I want the image to be uploaded, the size of the image when resized, etc..., but I don't know how to pass in a $_FILES array.

    The variables I'm using in the function are $_FILES['images']['name'] and $_FILES['images']['tmp_name']

    Now I realize I could just pass those variables in, BUT the problem is that this allows for multiple image uploads, and within the function it cycles through the $_FILES array.

    Any suggestions on how to turn image/file uploading into a function?

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    Go to this thread, it's a little single upload page that I turned into a multi upload.


    Now everything inside the if(isset wrapper is in a sense a 'function', called by the form, and you can put all kinds of executable code inside it. You can have fun and learn with it.
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    You can pass in the $_FILES array like any other variable, so...

    function something ( $files ) {
    print_r( $files );

    then call it with something( $_FILES );

    Although you will be able to access $_FILES without passing it in as it is a superglobal array, so redefining it inside a function is bad practice.

    Hope this helps out!


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