Alright guys, I have a difficult task ahead of me, and I'm opening to hiring a freelancer to get this one done right. Long post, sorry.

I've got a test prep business around a particular multiple choice test. I need to set up an advanced diagnostic test online capable of determining peoples weaknesses and making recommendations (upselling basically).

There's 101 multiple choices questions, and I've broken down there traits to dozens of binary categories, based on question type, topic material of question, location in the test (early, late in test). So each of the questions falls into many categories.

Basically, I need a form that someone punches in the answers, it runs them against the different categories, and displays messages on one page about where they need to make improvements. "You missed 6/9 science related questions, we recommend signing up for the additional science question module" "You missed more questions late in each section then in the beginning of each section, we recommend signing up for the endurance training session". On top of displaying these recommended boxes, I need it to just list the totals of answers for each category, even those the student did well in.

Any recommendations on how to go about getting something like this put together, I'm great at modifying PHP, and I've already got each question broken down in an excel file using yes/no or 0/1 for each possible category (is science: yes; is late in test:no; is assumption question:yes).