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    How do I edit a mixed html/php file in Komodo?

    I feel like an idiot because I can't figure this out. For years now I have been coding my html/php right on the server. I finally downloaded komodo and absolutely love the html editor.

    However, most of my pages have a .php extension (usually so I can use an include to include the header/footer, etc.). If I choose a php file in Komodo it won't preview the file and if I try to view the file in Chrome it just outputs as html text.

    I am assuming I have to install php or something. I am using a Mac with Mountain Lion. I've tried following the instructions to install php or to change my path to my php.ini and I am totally lost.

    Can anyone help?

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    You need to install the apache webserver with php and mysql. For the mac you should be able to find an all in one setup called mamp (Mac Apache Mysql & PHP).

    As for using Komodo, this is a php forum so you may find better luck in the software manual or on its website. This forum is really for helping to write code / fix it not for 3rd party programs to help you write it. Granted we'll try to help if we can but it's not a specialist komodo support forum so you're unlikely to get a lot of assistance.
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