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    simple form question

    Hey I'm trying to create a quick sample database. I'm trying to use a form from a html page, then for It to go to a php page and also get imported into my MySQL database. Here is my html code
      <form method="post" action="Draft.php">
            	<h2>Player Information</h2>
                	<input type="number" name="Round"
                    id="Round"> </div>
                <div><label>Last Name:</label>
                	<input type="text" name="LastName"
                    id="LastName"> </div>
                <div><label>First Name:</label>
                	<input type="text" name="FirstName"
                    id="FirstName"> </div>
                	<input type="text" name="College" 
                    id="College"> </div>
                	<input type="text" name="Position"
                    id="Position"> </div>
                	<input type="text" name="Height"
                    	placeholder="6'0" id="Height"></div>
                	<input type="number" name="Weight" id="Weight"></div>
                <div><label>40-Yard Dash</label>
                	<input type="number" name="Dash"
                    	placeholder="4.44" id="Dash"></div><br>
                <div><label>Bench Press</label>
                	<input type="number" name="Bench" id="Bench"></div>
                <p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Register"></p>
    and my php code

    $Round = isset($_POST[ "Round" ]) ? $_POST[ "Round" ] : "";
    $LastName = isset($_POST[ "LastName" ]) ? $_POST[ "LastName" ] : "";
    $FirstName = isset($_POST[ "FirstName" ]) ? $_POST[ "FirstName" ] : "";
    $College = isset($_POST[ "College" ]) ? $_POST[ "College" ] : "";
    $Position = isset($_POST[ "Position" ]) ? $_POST[ "Position" ] : "";
    $Height = isset($_POST[ "Height" ]) ? $_POST[ "Height" ] : "";
    $Weight = isset($_POST[ "Weight" ]) ? $_POST[ "Weight" ] : "";
    $Dash = isset($_POST[ "Dash" ]) ? $_POST[ "Dash" ] : "";
    $Bench = isset($_POST[ "Bench" ]) ? $_POST[ "Bench" ] : "";

    $query = "INSERT INTO playerindex " .
    "( Round, LastName, FirstName, College, Position, Height, Weight, Dash, Bench ) ".
    "VALUES ( '$Round', '$LastName', '$FirstName', '$College', '$Position', '$Height', '$Weight', '$Dash', '$Bench' )";
    if ( !($database = mysql_connect("localhost",
    "******", "********")))
    die( "<p>Could not connect to database</p></body></html>");

    if ( !mysql_select_db( "giants2013draft", $database ) )
    die( "<p>Could not open Giants 2013 Draft database</p>

    if ( !( $result = mysql_query( $query, $database ) ) )
    print( "<p>Could not execute query!</p>");
    die( mysql_error() . "</body></html>" );
    mysql_close( $database );
    The error I keep encountering is after I input my information for the form page this shows up "Could not execute query!
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '6', '205', '555', '7' )' at line 1"
    can't figure out why i'm getting this. error.

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    Your height value (probably) contains a ' character in it, which is a special sql character.

    You need to escape all string data values being put into a query to protect against sql injection and to prevent any special sql characters in the data from breaking the syntax of the query statement (or use a prepared query with mysqli or pdo.)
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