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    Placing MySQL data onto HTML webpage

    Gentle people:

    I am in desperate need of coding help.

    My project is a database on heavy metal bands $DBName = bands;

    I wish to extract data from the 4 tables I have in this database and place them on an php or html page.

    Table 1 is Bands (col 1 Band, col 2 Years Active)

    Table 2 is Discography (col 1 Band, col 2 Album, col 3 Year Released)

    Table 3 is Musicians (col 1 Band, col 2 Last name, col 3 First name, col 4 Position, col 5 is Year with band)

    Table 4 is Songs (col 1 band, col 2 album, col 3 song)

    On the php or html page I want to pull current members (present is in the years with band) and place at top; place discography below that; place songs below that, then place all past members...

    Everything I have tried has failed horribly...

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    1. Show what you have tried.
    2. Define "failed horribly"

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    Why not use an array on the page instead of mysql?

    Then create the display table on the fly and show the info.

    This is how I"m doing it on my site and works quite well.


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