So, I've already made a code that brings the longitude/latitude info out from my mysql using php and use it as a link in a button to show it in google maps.

PHP Code:
//Først kart
$map mysql_query("SELECT * FROM map WHERE service_instrument = '$instrument'");

//Ser om søket ga resultat
$checkmap mysql_num_rows($map);

//Om søket ga resultat, henter data
if($checkmap == 1) {
$row mysql_fetch_array($map);
$gmap $row['gmap'];
$gmap ==""$checkmap 0//om det ikke finnes koordinater for kunde, setter $checkmap = 0 slik at det ikke opprettes ikon
$land $row['land'];
$adresse $row['adresse'];
$oppdatert $row['oppdatert'];

$checkmap == 1) {
"<center><a href=$gmap><button>Vis kart</button></a>"// Det finnes kartlink, legger til knappen
    //echo "  <a href=caddmap.php?details=$instrument><button>Endre kart</button></a><br><br>"; //mulighet for å endre kartet

As simple as f.eks : http://maps.google.no/maps?q=4.339526,69.824479 <-- this would be the data stored in $row['gmap']

However, sometimes I want to show 2, and possibly 3 coordinates at the same time. I know there is an API for javascript to communicate with google maps, but I'm not quite there yet when it comes to setting up the page, and atm it seems a bit too complicated for me.

Do any of you know a way to do this? I've been googling trying to find it, no success so far.

I've tried by adding both &q= new coordinates and &=ll new coordinates, but then it ignores the first coordinate, and only show the last one. Any help would be appriciated.

Not sure if this should be in php section even though the site is written i php...