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    Push email support in php 5.3

    Hi All,

    Is push email is supported in php 5.3 ? If anyone knows please reply and also give an example.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Any server that pushes something to its client needs a constant connection. Then its down to the protocol being used. If its just regular pop then the client will poll on a regular basis.

    AFAIK, there isn't a 'push email' type of protocol.

    How php 5.3 will support this is a vague question. If you're running a php pop daemon, then it would be down to your own code to support this. PHP doesn't generally act as a server in its own right (although it has the ability via your own code) so unless PHP is planning to offer this as a class or library I don't really think it's going to be a new feature.

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    As mentioned, PHP *can* and always has had the ability to do this (for sure since 4, can't remember what <= 3 provided for socketing, but that's a pretty trivial fundamental of a web based language I'd say). That would be writing a simple socket app. The real question would be why bother? There are many many other languages far more suited to this job than PHP is (even perl comes to mind here).

    So short answer, sure PHP has always been able to do this, but that doesn't really make it a great idea. You wouldn't run this in a web environment either, rather you would simply set up listeners on the pop and imap sockets. Mail comes in, PHP would do something with it, and away you go.
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