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    Starting point for dynamic web project

    Guys I am making my final year project and I need to create a website for customers in a DTH management system.

    The website should have a Log in/ Register Facility.
    The user is able to register using the register page etc.

    When logged in, he should have access to the foll pages-

    Add/Delete members- These are people who are from the same family.
    Edit Channel Preference(i.e. a list of channels which the user subscribes to). he is able to add/remove channels.
    Bill page-The ability to view his bill and print it in PDF format.
    The ability to pay via online transaction(This is not a actual bank transaction, everything entered by the user will just be saved to the database.)

    The logic to calculate bill and convert the bill to pdf should be done on the website (Its data retrival followed by math calculations).
    The entire database is already created in MySQL as the project also has a Java SWING GUI. Doing all above and more stuff.

    The simple question is what language will help me achieve this easily. I am ready to learn everything. I have previous knowledge of using Dreamweaver cs5 which I have used to generate a static website using HTML,CSS and some effects using Javascript(I got the code from Internet so I dont know anything about Javascript).

    So which path should I follow so that I can achieve this?

    PHP? I have heard this is the best option.

    Please assist and give me a starting part as a newbie.
    Thank you for all the advice

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    PHP overall. PHP can be used for everything you mentioned.

    The login, register, member section are very easy to do - there are many, many resources on the web to help you out.

    I would use Javascript and Ajax for the front end of the Channel Preference section (for being seamless - however make sure that if someone has javascript disabled it will still work)

    Creating PDFs using PHP is not a fun task - http://www.fpdf.org/ - that site is your best bet. From experience using it, it is very easy, but very tedious.

    Any language can do math.

    PS: Should learn Python 2.7
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