They seem to have a built in system where they can replicate it for each code/website, but it seems so daunting.
it looks simple, but is it doable to replicate this [front-end/user-access and back-end/admin-access] by yourself?

I barely started to learn programming through learning C, and have yet to delve into PHP in the later weeks [if im following the course].

I'm planning on taking computer science when i go to college next semester, pretty much without any prior experience except CS50, which i havent even finished. so hopefully thats a good plan.
I've always wanted to learn how to make awesome websites ever since i was young [early teen years, im now turning 19 this february.] but looking at a code scared me away, it looked like hieroglyphs.

Sorry that this post was a little messy. its just that i have so many things on my mind. it is very fascinating to me that one could create websites like that, which could be so easily replicated if done properly.