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    MS SQL Server, varchar only returns 255 chars

    I'm running a SQL Server with PHP (this host doesn't have mySQL) and I'm running into a problem with the varchar field.

    I've got a table with varchar(5000) (because SQL Server lets you do that ) because I want to be able to select DISTINCT resutls.

    SQL Server does not allow distinct to be used on a TEXT field, thus the varchar(5000).

    Now, when I query the results using mssql_fetch_assoc(), I only get the first 255 chars of that field.

    Is there any way to get the entire result back or is there a way in SQL server to select unique records from a TEXT field?


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    selecting distinct on a fieldset of that size would effectively kill your DB anyway ... better off when you add the data to the DB do a checksum ,eg

    <?php $check = MD5($text);?>

    and stick that in a seperate field for selecting distinct, your DB will love you for it I promise
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