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    Auto adding emails to mail chimp database form contact form

    I bought popular contact form from code canyon (which works great) and I am looking for a way to automatically add the email addresses it captures into my mail chimp account.

    Currently I have to extract all the addresses from the emails manually.

    Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction of the php i need to use?

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    mail chimp is an email blaster so I don't think many people will want to help you subscribe people to spam.. but here is another suggestion.

    Setup your own mailing list on your site. At least then you have half a chance of people helping you to do what you want because the database will be on the same server. Anything to do with mail chimp will require someone here to sign up, write code using cURL, test, retest, retest again etc. I really don't see that happening for free.

    If you're looking to do it yourself, you're going to need to setup a cURL handler for a http request and then login to mail chimp, browse to your contacts page, submit the email by post and then logout - all while handling the cookies (so you're going to need a pretty solid understanding of those plus request and reply headers too).
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