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    Learning Symfony 2

    I am a new grad and recently got hired for my first job as a front end web developer for a large organization. I have finished most of the front end work and our team is now focused on the mid-tier and back-end work. I've been pulled in to help our mid-tier guy.

    We are using Symfony 2 as our framework, and the mid-tier guys has already done alot of work on it. We have a working application, but we have a long ways to go before before it is complete. My problem here is understanding what is going on. The code is very complex as there are lots of components and bundles being added, and I have trouble tracking what is happening. I have read the Symfony book which helps me understand the basic concepts of how Symfony works, but does not help me understand how our framework works as it is very massive. Other then the Symfony book and asking the mid-tier engineers to explain their code, I am wondering if there is another resource that describes how large Symfony projects are integrated together.

    A little bit about my skills:
    I only had a glimpse of frameworks in University. We only went over what a MVC is, and barely got through setting up a controller/route. I have taken introduction courses to ActionScript, Java, C++, and Python. Almost all of my programming experience has been in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript + jQuery. I am able to more or less read the PHP code, but understanding it is difficult as I get confused which component/element/class calls which one and the overall flow of the code.

    TL DR;
    Where will someone who has no experience with a framework go to understand a Symfony 2 massive website other then to the Symfony book and to talk to the engineers that wrote it. More specifically I want to learn how all the components interact with each other.

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    I would recommend playing around with MVC frameworks. I personally love CodeIgniter and found that it was very quickly to catch on to.

    You'll probably be surprised at how many youtube videos are around that will show and explain how these frameworks work!


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