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    PHP Concepts - page loading

    I am very new so please bare with me.
    I know how to submit a form with POST and echo a page in php.
    I have a feeling that i am missing a general concept though.

    Lets say i have a start page where the user selects a brand of car; ford, Chevy etc. I want to load a second page called for example selectedPage.html that has generic items no matter the car selected and then selection specific data as well.

    My question is I essentially need a method to get the selection from the first page to the second and load data based on that selection via AJAX or some other method.

    Is the correct approach to POST my selection to a php page and then echo out the code for the page including the generic items? I feel there must be a better way where i can have a normal html page and then access the car selection some how via javascript and act accordingly.

    Please advise, sorry not sure if this is a JS, php or general question.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Please do not double post. I sort of answered you in this thread http://www.codingforums.com/showthread.php?t=285382

    Close this one and continue discussion in the link given. Double posting means you never know where the answers are given to you.


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