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    User assigns a string to a category of picture in database?

    I have a web-based graphical password authentication system.

    The user will required to choose 5 categories of picture during enrollment. During authentication, user will key-in the ID and select the respective categories of picture which has been enrolled.

    Now, I wish to add another level of authentication. The user is required to key in a string for each categories of picture. For example, user selects 5 categories of picture, categories I, II, III, IV, V during enrollment. Then, he set string "Hello" to category I, "bye" to category II and so on. The string will be stored in the database(I'm using phpmyadmin) too. Therefore, during authentication, the user will first select 5 categories of picture, then provide the 5 strings set to each category of picture, if match, enrollment success.

    Noted: The categories selection has been implemented, just wondering it's possible to add another level of authentication by assign each string to each category. If possible, mind to share the concept ?

    How do I make the correct string to match with the respective category of picture ? This should be my main concern.

    Thank you so much for helping and giving suggestion. I appreciate that a lots. I am kinda new to php. So i hope i can get some help here
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