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    Getting Table Data into PHP


    I have a script that displays a table with the ability to add and delete rows (ltd-add-company-01.php)

    The code to make this work is located in this file:

    I am able to add and delete rows perfectly.

    The problem comes in when I try to get the information from php.
    It seems to onlly read in 1 row and ignores all the other rows.

    I don't know how to resolve this issue.

    Hoping someone can help me out here.

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    I don't see any PHP code anywhere. That could be a problem, if you're trying to use PHP for data retrieval!

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    Your file: ltd-addcompany-01.txt starts with <? but doesn't end with ?>. You want this:

    PHP Code:
    Also, in ltd-addcompany-02.txt it looks like you comment out everything except where you initialize your variables.

    Looking further, there is more wrong than I first thought. OK, so ltd-add-company-01.php, you don't need to enclose all the html in <?php ?>. If you do you need to echo the html. If you don't you need to enclose the parts that are php in those tags. Also, your <head></head> tag is missing which should be telling the page where the script is located.
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