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    directory structuring problems

    My host doesn't allow .htaccess file because they use a "shared" server, whatever that means. Also if you use some of their options thety scatter files all over the main directory. They also don't use cpanel which I'm used to.

    I created a public_html subdir. in, i guess the root dir and moved everything not server related into that directory. Server related being phpmyadmin, mysql etc..

    Anyway, I need the url to read :

    But it reads:

    The later gets image files etc. from the public dir. But the others look for the items in the root dir. How do I fix this?
    Sorry couldn't explain it better...any help is appreciated.
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    To be fair the first line is a pretty bad explanation from your hosting provider. Shared hosting provider (which basically means you're not the only one using that server, there are multiple websites hosted on it) can provide .htaccess files too, it's just a matter of 'what do you allow'. But, each provider will have different set-ups. So if .htaccess files aren't allowed, they aren't allowed. Don't blame it on being a shared host though...

    That being said, it's up to the hosting provider to answer your question really. Sounds to me they expect all website files to be uploaded directly in the root, rather than in a separate public_html folder.

    I bet they have a FAQ page on the website explaining exactly what to upload where? Have a browse through that and see what pops up.


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