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    function to split a description into lines of 68 chars long

    Im just wondering if anyone can help me out. Iv been trying to figure this out all day.
    I have these variables

    PHP Code:
    and I want to make a description out of them like this.

    $description = "Deposit for supplying a DJ for an $occasion on the
    $date in the $venue";

    I want to display the description over 3 or 4 lines in a pdf file like this

    PHP Code:
    I want to wrap the description to a next line after every 68 characters but only want to wrap after completed words

    Can anyone help me create a function to split the desicprtion into 3 or 4 lines so far I have this code which I know is along the lines that I want.

    PHP Code:
    $description "Deposit for suppling a DJ and Equipment for a $occasion on the 
    $date in $venue";
    $decriptionLength strlen($description);
    $decriptionLength <= 68){
    $line1 $description;    
    $decriptionLength 68)
    $line1 substr($description068);
    $line2 substr($description68136);

    This code will wrap the text even in the middle of a word so I don’t want this.
    I know this might be a lot to ask but if anyone can come up with some code I would be greatly appreciated.
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    Use wordwrap and explode:
    PHP Code:
    $wrapped wordwrap($description68PHP_EOLtrue);
    $aLines explode(PHP_EOL$wrapped);
    $iLines count($aLines);
    $increase 5;
    for (
    $i 0$j 25$i $iLines; ++$i$j += $increase)
    $pdf->writeHTMLCell(1395$j125$aLines[$i], ''11true'L'true);


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