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    Split Apart Data Being Received - Newbie Help

    I'm currently receiving some data into a single database field as shown below:

    SomeVariable1 is string of text and it can have commas hence it's being separated by tilde ~ SomeVariable2, SomeVariable3, SomeVariable4

    The data I'm receiving is a combination of various variables dumped into a single databse field. The first variable is separated by a ~ (tilde) because the first variable has customer comments and can include commas also. The rest of the variables are separated by commmas.

    What I need to do is split apart the string so I can display them on a web page separately in different columns.

    What I really want to do is along the lines:

    $variable1 = All text before tilde

    $variable2 = SomeVariable2

    $variable3 = SomeVariable 3

    $variable4 = SomeVariable 4

    How can I accomplish this?

    I'm a newbie in PHP and I'd appreciate any help.

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    Use the explode() function:

    PHP Code:

    //Explode() separates the string into a numerically indexed array starting from 0

    $variable2 $separate1[0]; //The variable before the ~
      //$separate1[1] has the second part of the original variable after removing 
    //the part before the ~
    //You can specify your own variables using list()
    //e.g list($str1, $str) = explode('~', $variable1);
    $separate2 explode(','$separate[1]);
    $variable2 $separate2[0]; //The variable before the first comma
    $variable3 $separate2[1]; //The 3rd variable



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