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Well, knowing is not enough, we must apply - Bruce Lee.

Applying your knowledge in a vast array of real-life projects is the best way to learn. It gives you skills like speed and also reinforces what you know making programming in the future for you.
Hi Red,

I am sorry for still bugging you with the problems i am getting but, before I am asking you I have tried to check with more search results & parameters but I don't see any correct answer. of course same with the below post link:


Can I ask you help me if your are okay with CSS.

to just summarize on the above issue:

1) I have a table content with tons data projected on the user window, where in my CSS header & footer is not stretching as the data.

2) second problem is I want to insert a wrap text in some of the table feild tired many ways but dint success.

Any help or suggestion would be appreciated.