I'm rather new to php so...I use simplepie to parse rss feed but i want to filter them by keywords
i made this code :
PHP Code:
$feed = new SimplePie();
$feed->set_cache_duration (3600);
$countItem 0;
foreach (
$feed->get_items() as $item){
$checktitle $item->get_permalink();
//Regex keyword filter
$pattern '/keyword1|keyword2/';
//If the there is a keyword match, store in $matches array
if (preg_match($pattern$checktitle)) {
$news[$countItem]= $item;

This is the filtering part it does it work but, i want all the items that contains both keywords.
I'm not sure that preg_match is the right way to do this but it;s the only thing i got, so please!