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    Is PHP what im looking for?

    Ive become versed in CSS and HTML and recently dove into JavaScript and with some experiments have really begun to pickup the language and put it to good use.

    In my next project, id like to move onto a more complex website. Keep in mind none of my website have ever gone public.. lol... but they are fun and they help me learn what im looking to learn.

    my next concept is going to require a login/register aspect as well as other database read/writes for the various features id like to play with.

    An amazingly well done version of what ill be attempting to play with would be http://www.solomid.net/ , Obviosly thats of a professional level im not gonna strive for just yet but alot of there little features are something id really like to play with. Messing with the twitch.tv API for listing streams that are online... comments for logged in users under the streams.. etc. Pages available to the public that certain registered users can control the settings for... etc

    Does PHP sound like my next logical step towards a project like this or is there a better fit?

    And if it is... for a newbie to PHP would one recomend me building from scratch? or using a framework like PHPNuke or CakePHP or something?

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    For what you are wanting to do a dynamic server side language is required

    Everyone has their own opinions but I think PHP is the easiest to learn. Some may prefer Perl, Python or Ruby.

    But if your only knowledge, at the moment, is HTML/CSS don't expect to be able to jump right in and work in a PHP framework

    You'll need to learn the language first by writing just straight forward PHP

    Frameworks require object oriented programming knowledge (which isn't just restricted to web programming or PHP)
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    Learn the language first, then if you want use the framework. IMHO php don't need a framework. Maybe someone will add to this and tell us what is the advantage of one for php.

    Now jquery being a framework for javascript is great and you should look into it. In the not so distant past, I did say a framework for javascript was not necessary. Lol. But someone showed me it's advantage outside of ajax and I was a believer.

    Google PHP learning sites or just use: http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp


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