Hey, I've been searching all over google, and I've found tons of things talking about this tutorial, and how to get a single 'example' from it working.

However, I have no idea how to get two 'examples' from the tutorial working on the same page.

There are 4 'examples', each does a different thing. I want to use 1 (which calls the latest topic names from the forum onto an external page), and 4 (which calls the posts from a specific topic onto an external page).

I tried just putting all of the code into a single php file, but since they have similar announcements, it does 2 things when I call something in the template that they both have in common, like {announcements.TOPIC_AUTHOR}

Do you guys have any idea how I would combine these two things onto a single page?

Here is a link to the tutorial that I'm using: http://wiki.phpbb.com/Practical.Disp...external_pages