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    How to setup Invitation E-newletter for an event

    Hey guys, I'm currently using Gammadyne Mailer to mass mail my users and want to send out an invitation letter to an event.

    The newsletter will basically contain 3 buttons.
    Yes, No and Maybe.

    When the user clicks on any button it will take them to a page which will show them how many people responded to what and automatically stamp their email with their response in my db.

    Since my email list lives in a simple text file that I manually input into the Gammadyne software, I need help figuring out how to grab that persons email and insert it into my db with their response.

    The easiest way around this would be to have that user click a button and take them to a page where they would need to input their email and stamp it with their response.

    Using a php bulk email sender will make this task so much easier but I have a large email list at about 20k which takes me about 4 days to deliver using Gammadyne at 200 emails/hr. I know I can use cron but I am not so confident with this type of delivery as I have had a bad experience with not all emails being delivered.

    What are your suggestions or recommendations?

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    I would use a simple PHP script that goes through each line (however your file is formatted) grabs the users email generates the yes, no and maybe links specific to their email and send the email.

    Also another file which is where the links will go where it gets the users email and answer (possible encrypted in Base64) and then check if the user has already answered the question if not add their email and answer to the db.

    I can make this script if you like just email me at admin@codepent.com.


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