basically my end goal is to hide a voucher code then reveal when clicked and open the url in a new window,

my first problem is the way the site is coded, i can't use a single jquery function because all of the instances will have the same ID/Class, so the action will cause all of the divs to reveal no matter which one is clicked.

so i need to give each div id a unique class,

here is my code:

	 $("#revealVoucher").click(function () {
<div id="revealVoucher" >
    <a href="<?=$affiliate_url?>" target="_blank">Reveal Code</a>

<div id="voucherCode">
    <a href="<?=$affiliate_url?>"><?=$voucher_code?></a>
this would be perfect if each instance of this code could be given a unique class and this is where i am stuck, how could I give both ID's (revealVoucher / voucherCode) these classes, eg revealVoucher_01, revealVoucher_02 in order for them to work independently?