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    How to get your database file in XAMPP?

    I use XAMPP at home, right now I am dong a project, however, I want to get my database file which I am working to install on another computer, but where to get it in XAMPP? A guy told me I must dump the database in 'Export' section in PHPMyAdmin...it is true?

    I did go on the Export section, but there are options in settings which I dont know what to choose..

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    Go with the default selected options and don't worry about the rest. The other options are for advanced users.

    You may be able to locate the database in the mysql folder in xampp. You can copy/paste but it's almost certainly best to use the export option as you'll get an sql file which contains instructions for another mysql server to run when you import it.
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    Use the export for sure. I just fought with old frm and innodb files to create an exportable script to import into my new build since the frm and innodb files cannot just be used directly. It wasn't fun (but only because I mistaken -- as - when trying to set recovery mode >.<). All that let me do is create a mysqldump of the data there to import into the database.
    The alternative of course is to simply call the mysqldump command. Which is what the export is doing I'm sure, but with a nice gui instead of just the cli.


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