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    Unhappy PHP - MySQL error

    i'm trying to move/migrate old web application for a client of mine to latest versions of MySQL and PHP.

    i'm having problems fixing this error:

    There was a problem adding the initial timeframe to the database. Please inform the System Administrator. Insert failed

    There was a problem logging this transaction. Please print out this page and inform the System Administrator.
    Insert failed : INSERT INTO log VALUES( 0, "2012-02-23 16:22:41", "job", , "root", "1005,380,\'open\',\'2012-02-23 16:22:41\',\'root\',\'2012-02-23 16:22:41\',\'root\',\'\',\'lab\',\'\'", "added")

    the code behind this is this:

    PHP Code:
    $insert_t0 mysql_db_query("databaseName""INSERT INTO timeframe VALUES (0,$new_int_job_no,\"T0\",1)")
        or print (
    "<p><font face=\"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\">There was a problem adding the initial timeframe to the database.  Please inform the System Administrator.  Insert failed\n</font>\n");

    $added_data "$cust_to_edit,$new_job_no,\'open\',\'$datetimenow\',\'$login\',\'$datetimenow\',\'$login\',\'$jobinit_ponum\',\'lab\',\'\'";

    $query "INSERT INTO log VALUES(

    i'm guessing this is something to do with the SQL syntax.

    any help would be much appreciated

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    Why are you using double quotes? - You're getting very confused about their usage and the difference between PHP and mysql's use of quote marks.

    This is how you should do it:
    PHP Code:
    $query "INSERT INTO log VALUES(
    ;  //Etc 
    Your query is already inside double quotes. Therefore the $Variables will still be replaced with their values inside the single quotes.

    For mysql, you always wrap values in single quotes and optionally wrap column names in backticks ` (which you've not specified in your query btw - insert into <table> (`columns`) values ('$Values');

    In php anything inside single quotes (unless inside a double quoted string) will be exactly as you see it:

    PHP Code:
    $Name 'Joe Bloggs';

    //Single quotes:
    $Str 'Name is $Name'// Name is $Name

    $Str "Name is $Name"// Name is Joe Bloggs

    $Query "insert into <table> (`column`) values ('$Name')"//insert into <table> (`column`) values ('Joe Bloggs') 
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    What's with all of these escapes? The $query itself needs to be escaped or swapped to use single quotes (on either the fields or the variable itself), but the $added_data is escaping when it should not be. Change the outside " to '. Since these are inserted fields, the location where $added_data is used should not be quoted.

    Given the text output you have above, you need to do some verification of your data as well. , in the middle without any data should be using NULL, assuming that it allows null values of course.


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