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    Question Some sort of ecommerce system help needed

    Hey, I am looking for an ecommerce system or just the way how to achieve the following. I am wanting to store some MP3 sound files in a folder called for example 'sounds' on my web server. I then want to be able to stream the files onto my web pages but then I also want people to be able to purchase them. This is where I get confused, how can I achieve this without letting people just be able to download the 'sounds' directory off my web server. I am wanting to do this using PHP obviously. Thanks in advance for help

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    This is a complex topic. I specialise in ecommerce and multimedia.

    Do you want to allow full quality samples? Full quality full files? Poor quality samples? ...

    Basically, you want to protect your sounds folder with either a .htaccess, or by placing it outside of your web root and having a PHP script verify access and read/write it directly to the browser.

    We need more information on your specific needs to give specific advice.
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