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    What CMS is for me? PHP Based?

    Hello everyone! Glad to be a member of this forum! Nice to meet everyone.

    I am planning a dynamic website with Google Maps API integration, shopping cart, Blog, and user profiles. The website will allow users to add local real estate for sale.

    Features for Users
    Modular hompage; ability from user profile to add or subtract modules from home page. Example modules would be; Blogroll, Fav Real Estate listing, Quick Real Estate Search, Contact Agent etc

    Features for Real Estate Agents
    Modular homepage + favorate clients, Contact Client, newest properties listed etc.

    Basically, I would a large Google map on homepage with a drop pin where every home/property is for sale. The site would have sitemail for both clients and agents, + customizeable homepage with modules for each client and agents.

    I would like a welcome message saying " Welcome (x), " The homepage would be customizeable by client from backend.

    I understand there is a large amount of programming and customization for this to happen. This is just the very basic top level idea.

    What CMS programming system / backend would you use? What CMS system is scaleable, and in-expensive + used by many programmers.

    I am also concerned about server load and bandwidth. I would like the final site to run fast and smooth.

    I plan on using http://www.bluehost.com/ for hosting.. What is your opinion? I would like a powerfull server on a fast backbone. What is the standard in this industry for professional websites? or semi-pro websites?

    Please adviese, Your knowledge and sugguestions are much appreciated.

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    I don't think there is an existing CMS that has all those features. In saying that, the most common CMS's are all extendable, so you should look at the extensions place to see what CMS has what ready-made extensions.

    Joomla and Wordpress are the two most common for blogging and news-type publishing. Magento is designed for e-commerce. But, Joomla and Wordpress both have e-commerce extensions.

    Research them to see which suits your needs better. Joomla and Wordpress can be very similar, so that might just come down to personal preference. I personally prefer Joomla, so you could look there first :P.
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    A good PHP FAQ
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