I have an application that has only needed to connect to a SQL Server DB thru ODBC to call a function. Now it needs to call the same function with an Oracle back-end.

This is the code for SQL Server and it works perfectly:

public function generateMasterKey($project_name, $table_name) {
$master_key = odbc_result($this->odbc->Prepare("DECLARE @as_master_key varchar(26) EXEC [dbo].[GET_UNIQUE_MASTER_KEY] @as_project_name = N'$project_name', @as_database_site = N'CMPL', @as_user_initials = N'SK', @as_table = N'".$table_name."', @as_master_key = @as_master_key OUTPUT SELECT @as_master_key as N'master_key'"), 'master_key');

return $master_key;

Now I just need the syntax for an Oracle DB.

I am new to Oracle - so any help would be very much appreciated.