hi there i have this code and i'm having trouble with the $URL ,because that code import a page to a box, since they changed the layout, this no longer possible.
PHP Code:
function tjrj($process,$tipo="")
//check a origem
if ($tipo == "95")
$URL "http://www.xyz.com/scripts/B=&PRO=".$process;
$sFormatted vsprintf('%s.%s.%s-%s'sscanf($process"%4s%3s%6s%s"));
$URL "http://www.xyz.com/scripts/B=&PRO=&numProcess=".$sFormatted;
$pagina $this->openURl($URL);
$lines explode("\r",$page);
            for (
$i=28;$i <= count($lines) - 18;$i++)
$buffer1 =  str_replace("width='770'""width='100%'"trim($lines[$i])."\n");
$buffer .=  str_replace("width='700'""width='100%'"trim($buffer1)."\n");
so here goes the proplem: i need make this this var pop up on a new page," $URL = "http://www.xyz.com/scripts/B=&PRO=&numProcess=".$sFormatted;" is thare any way to do that just on php?