Hey folks,
My name is Vamps and i'm new here and to php coding. I figure the best way to start after an ebook is to try something. So here's my first go at it.
Im tryin to make a Online Radio Station Banner for my site. I will have 5 or more imgs, a link for requests based off of a mysql database, the Now Playin song as well as(optional but i like the way it look), the next song to play.
I will post the link to my website and i know tha twhen you look there you are going to say, Why does he want to make one when there is already one there?
KISS , the designer of that banner isnt upkeeping it. and i am a honest designer. i dont like to take and use other ppl codes(coded that are more then just the basic setup) and modify them.
the banner may or may not show as it depends on the dj on air. and of cours if the scripting it setup right. *sighs* yes its that bad.
thanks again for all your help and input.