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    defining constants in the configuration?

    Hello everybody,

    I apologize if this is more of an apache question than it is a php question but I figured I'd give this a shot.

    So I have an apache server running multiple domains and I would like to define constants for each domain without having to explicitly include some sort of constants file at the beginning of every single file. Is there a good place to define constants so they can be accessed anywhere in a given domain?

    I stumbled across 'auto_prepend_file' and that seems like it'll do the trick but I won't want to prepend the same file across all domains.

    For example:
    I have /var/www/blah.com/constants.php
    and /var/www/foo.com/constants.php

    I would like the correct constants.php file to get included when I go to the domain.

    Any ideas?

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    Maybe try naming the constants after the domain? Then if it exists, include it!
    PHP Code:
    // Grab hostname
    $host strtolower$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] );

    // Remove `www.` prefix if necessary
    $host preg_replace'/^www\./'''$host );

    // Name the file to be included
    // - www.google.com -> `../const/google.com.php`
    $file '../const/' $host '.php';

    // If the file exists, include it
    if ( is_file$file ) )

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