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    Question AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server

    I created a script where a user can select from a variety of

    shipping options for an order from within a jQuery dialog box. The

    shipping rates are delivered via UPS & FedEx. Oddly enough, the

    script works fine on my development machine, but on the live server,

    Firebug returns a "500 Internal Server Error"

    Here is what my jQuery looks like:

    // Open the dialog, start with the "loading page"

    bgiframe: true,
    autoOpen: true,
    position: 'center',
    title: 'Select Shipping Method',
    width: 400,
    height: 400,
    modal: true,
    buttons: {
    'Apply Shipping': function() {
    var bValid = true;

    if (bValid) {
    var fship =

    var arr =

    var shipPrice =

    var shipMeth =


    var subOrder =


    ($('#customer-discount').val() != 'false') {
    var minDis =

    subOrder * ("."+$("#customer-discount").val());
    var nTotal =

    subOrder - minDis;

    var orderTotal

    = nTotal + parseFloat(shipPrice) + parseFloat($("#tax").val()); /*

    Order Total minus customer discount */

    else {
    var orderTotal

    = parseFloat(subOrder) + parseFloat(shipPrice) +

    parseFloat($("#tax").val()); /* Order Total, No Discount */




    'Close Window': function() {

    close: function() {

    // This portion actually runs the PHP code to get the

    rate results from UPS & FedEx
    type: "POST",
    url: "func/shipping_selection.php",
    data: "shipid=" + $("#customer-ship-id").val()

    + "&cartid=" + $("#cart_id").val(),
    success: function(html){


    The dialog opens a loader page (with gif) and that portion works fine.

    Once the AJAX post is complete (shipping_selection.php), it is

    supposed to update the "sLookup" div with the HTML from the

    shipping_selection.php page. Like I said, it works perfectly on my

    testing server, but fails on the live server. Both are running PHP


    Also, notice in the attached images that the 'shipping_selection.php'

    is actually working...rate results are returned from both UPS and

    FedEx, however something is failing on the AJAX success function.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -shipping-loader-jpg   -shipping-firebug-500-internal-jpg  

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    The image shows the shipping_selection.php file is not there on the server.


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